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Goldwell BondPro

Bondpro +

This treatment can be done 2 ways, you can have this added to your colour treatment, or you can have this on its own. This treatment will help keep the hair in good condition, when putting through the stages of lightening and colouring, to heat and weather damage, although you can have this done in 2 ways you will still get the same result.

We always advise our clients to have this if they are trying to go lighter, as when colouring the hair it can damage your hair depending what was used. By adding this treatment to your colour, it will help keep the hair in a good condition whilst lifting and toning the natural hair, it creates a small barrier for when the colour is applied, once the colour has been done we will wash this colour off and apply the second step to this treatment, which will lock all the moisture in, leaving it soft and healthier.

Once this treatment is done we do advise you to carry on having this product, as it can help with drying time, as well as the overall feel and look to your hair, this treatment can last from 2-4 weeks, depending on what your hair condition is like, but you should be able to feel when you need another one.

Main benefits from treatment

  • Hair is deeply nourished and revitalised.
  • Hair looks & feels significantly healthier
  • Hair is revitalized & deeply nourished
  • Strengthens the hair fibre & supports bond stability
  • Prevents breakage during alkaline services and protects hair from damage

What is bondpro+ ?

Bondpro+ Penetrates and protects the hair fibre from within during the colouring or texturizing process. As a result it prevents hair breakage.

How it works

Bondpro+ is added to your colour and applied as normal, once applied colour is left to develop in that time the bondpro+ will work its magic, once the colour is washed off we then apply a 10 minute treatment which locks in the product.

What's so great about bondpro+?

Bondpro+ is a rich, intensive treatment, which reinforces the bonds in the hair. The hair fibre is strengthened and deeply nourished.

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